Thursday, 10 March 2011

A new sofa and doggy piercings

I haven't quite got the hang of this blogging malarkey, apparently I'm supposed to write things on a more regular basis than I have been doing.  I suppose, this being winter, I don't feel I have an awful lot to report.  As we, like everyone else in Provence, stay in doors and keep a low profile when its cold and the Mistral howls.  Actually being Scotties we quite like a bit of cold weather and a good strong wind makes Ralph and myself feel quite invigorated, we think it may go back to our Scottish ancestry, its just that others aren't so keen to take us for walks when it's cold.

There are however two bits of news I would like to share with you.

First, we have got a new sofa!  It means that we've got somewhere in the living room to lie down, you'll remember our last one was taken away.  We've been lying on it quite a lot to make sure this one doesn't get taken away.

Also, Ralph had an accident.  He ran after a boy on a bicycle and ended up with a very bloody nose.  It was quite dramatic, there was blood everywhere, we think he was hit with the boy's pedal (and not kicked on purpose).  So off he went to the vet (The Writer wasn't very happy, that'll cost me €40 she said) as part of his lip was hanging off!  He's now got staples in his lip to hold it all together!  First Scotty with piercings!  You'll have to admit he looks like something from a horror show!

The staples are meant to come out after 2 weeks, but The Writer is thinking of leaving them in (and avoiding spending another €40).

Now here's a funny thing.  The Writer was recently in New York and brought us back these Real Brooklyn Pizza treats.  Once when Ralph came home triumphantly with half a pizza in his mouth, he was made to give it up and here they are giving us exactly what Ralph found all on his own (albeit it in tiny portions) seems like over there they really know how to treat a dog!  I even heard they have doggie discos over there, no that's something that I'd like to hear more about.   

I've decided to invite other dogs to tell their stories on this site.  If you have an interesting story, with photos, please email it to The Writer, with photos.

'Till then, its woof woof from us both.


celia said...

I LOVE this blog. Its hysterical. Keep going. Will email you my doggy story. xo

Anonymous said...

Too cute. I had a West Highland White Terrier as a kid. Scotties are a close second in the cute category in my book.

yuki the dog said...

just found your blog through wordless wednesday...poor ralph! i have a miniature schnauzer who will be 9 months next week :)